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Click view cart dan button CHECK OUT.


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Fill up semua information dan click I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE TERMS & CONDITIONS.

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Langkah 4 - Bank Deposit

Please kindly bank in to the bank account as above and upload in the server or contact us 018-2018955.


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Find and CLICK My Account.


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Langkah 8 - Bank Deposit

Click Upload Files to upload your copy of receipt and the admin will approve your order.



Men's Stylish Denim Jean

Men's Stylish Denim Jean

1) Material : Denim 2) Kaler light Jean yg nampak slim dan fit 3) Kain denim yg selesa di..


Men's Blue Army Slim Fit Trackpant

Men's Blue Army Slim Fit Trackpant

1) Gaya tersendiri 2) Kain cotton yg lembut dan selesa dipakai 3) Smart dan casual 4) Selua..


Men's Casual Slim Fit Pants

Men's Casual Slim Fit Pants

1) Casual dan senang dipakai 2) Material yg lembut dan selesa 3) 3 jenis kaler yg cantik dilih..